Our Mission

Enhanced surgery experiences and outcomes

At Buddy Healthcare, we help our customers drive a 5-star patient experience. Our dedicated team works day-in and day-out to transform pre- and post-surgical care together with our customers. We want to solve the biggest problems hospitals, clinics and patients are facing in surgeries: patient adherence to treatment, late cancellations and no-shows, administrative work and care quality. 

Care personnel don’t know how their patients are doing before and after surgeries, they don’t have tools to monitor patients and receive up-to-date health information and they spend extensive amount of time on communications and paperwork. Vice versa, patients don’t want to be anymore bystanders in their own treatment. They want to actively participate in decision-making, receive easy-to-follow timely instructions and support and always know what will happen next in their care path.

Our Team

Our Buddy team is a unique combination of experience and young talent from various backgrounds and companies. This gives us a unique position to address the challenges our customers have all over the world.

Jussi Määttä

CEO, Founder

Mob. +36585484555, +69584585698

Peter Hänninen

COO, Co-founder

Mob. +358 40 156 0338

Jukka Hassinen

CTO, Co-founder

Mob. +358 40 736 4090

Our Clients and Partners

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